Our Service

Every single person referred to our service will receive an initial assessment and we will always endeavour to support someone referred to us even if, after further exploration / speaking to the individual about what they want and need, they don’t want befriending or have more support in place than was first thought (which is quite common!). Please see the diagram below for full details of our referral process.

We operate across Brighton and Hove with no border restrictions. We treat every person referred to our service as an individual. As a referrer to Time to Talk Befriending you can be assured that we will regularly update you of our progress and we will do as much as possible to ensure that individual needs are met, even if befriending is not the solution. To enable us to provide an effective service please provide us with honest and transparent information within the referral. Please see the diagram below for more information about our referral process. To make a referral please download the attached form and email it to referrals@tttb.org.uk.