Who are Time to Talk Befriending?

Time to Talk Befriending provide life-changing inter-generational befriending services for elderly people who feel extremely lonely because they don’t have any or many family or friends to visit them.

TTTB - Brighton and Hove

Through recruitment, training and support, their diverse range of volunteers (aged 16+) are matched with older-people for companionship. Visits once a week or fortnight take place at home or in the community. Thus, strong friendships are formed and our beneficiaries say that it is quite literally ‘a life-line’.

In addition, they play an active part in providing placement opportunities and training for young people from youth groups through to Colleges (aged 16+) to bridge the gap between the generations.

Time to Talk Befriending have developed a tried and tested community outreach model which enables them to lead and facilitate social action in partnership with a strong network of health & social care agencies, authorities, inter-faith groups and charities. Further details have been outlined below as it is the effective partnership work through the Honouring Older People Events model and Thinking of you at Christmas Campaigns. Because of this work Time to Talk Befriending were awarded the 2016 Community Works Sector Star Award for ‘Best Partnership Collaboration’.

Time to Talk Befriending have a strong partnership approach to practice generally. This can be evidenced through the development of our relationships with key agencies from several sectors and authorities we provide an effective gateway/signposting service.

Time to Talk Befriending are active in undertaking research and are often asked as guest speakers at local and national conferences and events.

Time to Talk Befriending raise awareness about SCAM fraud in partnership with Sussex Police and thus have helped vulnerable elderly victims to identify SCAM fraud and receive follow up support.

Time to Talk Befriending operates in partnership with the National Linking Lives Befriending Scheme (formerly known as Link Visiting). http://linkvisiting.org/.

Time to Talk Befriending are active members of the Brighton & Hove Befriending Coalition.

Time to Talk Befriending work with people from all backgrounds, faiths and beliefs – everyone is welcome.

Time to Talk Befriending has a strong partnership approach to working and successfully collaborates with local authorities, charities, agencies, universities, schools, colleges, churches and other faith groups both locally and nationally.