Community Outreach

At Time to Talk Befriending we have a BIG heart for connecting with people in the community who do not yet know about the amazing provision of services available to them. We are motivated to reach out to the older people living in our local neighborhoods who are quite literally hidden behind closed doors. We want to connect with people who feel invisible, so that we can remind them that they are remembered, honoured and respected – not forgotten.

Since 2011, two years before the foundation of the Charity, we have tried and tested a community outreach model that enables us to connect with older people in the community – the majority of whom were not known to services. Through different social action projects we have proven to reach people who were considered to be ‘unreachable’, and we have included older people within our research and the ongoing development of the Charity to ensure that their voice is heard. Everything we have accomplished to date is as a direct result of responding to what our elders say are their wants and needs. However, we are just skimming the surface in terms of meeting the need.

As a Charity we have BIG plans and BIG visions to utilise our community outreach model in other areas of Sussex (and beyond!). But, to achieve our goal of tackling the serious issue of loneliness among the older population, we need to continue to develop strong links with likeminded individuals, organisations, authorities and Churches who have the same heart and willingness to work collaboratively, for the sake of the people we are seeking to support. We are so much stronger together so if you are reading this page right now, and have a similar vision or goal then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we would love to hear from you!

T.: 01273 737710