Befriending (group)

Everything we have developed through the Charity has been based on the voice of our older members. For example; we ask people during our community consultation’s what they would like to benefit from within their community. In addition, we ask people what they feel they would like to benefit from within our face to face assessments and reviews with older people in their homes. Whenever a need or gap is identified, or if we are struggling to find volunteers in a particular area on an ongoing basis, we try to think creatively about how we can help people to become socially included rather than continue to be stuck within the four walls of their homes.

In response to identified unmet need we have developed a model for group peer befriending. We currently support 4 group befriending events (including a partnership with a local forest school) helping older people to leave their homes in a safe and supported way. The weekly, fortnightly and monthly events enable our scheme members to connect with each-other for conversation and build friendships. The events are hosted by our trained sixth-form pupil volunteers and in partnership with local Churches. Offering transport and reminders is an essential part of this logistical work but it has a huge impact (captured in our annual face to face reviews).

Please visit the Referrals section of our website if you would like to refer someone to our service
Please visit the Volunteers section of our website if you would like to volunteer at one of our group befriending events