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Community Service: befriending in East Brighton

Brighton College LogoSince the foundation of the Charity in 2013 we have provided training and helped facilitated placements for sixth form students who sign up for ‘Community Service’ throughout the academic year. Thanks to this fruitful partnership our scheme members are invited to the annual summer and Christmas events provided by Brighton College which is always very well turned out thanks to the provision of transport.

The Community Service programme is expertly managed by Sharon Marks from Brighton College who coordinates young people to befriend in pairs within their local community. In 2018 – 2019, 152 sixth form students befriend our scheme members, attend and participate at our weekly Tea and Company event and visit other older people living in the local community for up to an hour.

The results of this wonderful pairing between the older and younger generation are mutually beneficial but don’t just take our word for it. Here is a link to an interview from 2 students in 2014 who used to visit our scheme member, Kitty from Rottingingdean:

‘Befriending Kitty’


TTTB – Supportere- Brighton CollegeSharon Marks, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Heads
<< Brighton College works closely with Time To Talk Befriending as part of our Community Service scheme. Through Community Service, pupils in the Sixth Form take part in a variety of different charity and volunteering placements, including befriending the elderly, walking dogs and/or doing gardening for the elderly and disabled, and planning fundraising events. Emily and Time To Talk Befriending have been an invaluable help with the ongoing success of this scheme. Essential training is provided to support the pupils in their placements, teaching important befriending and listening skills, giving them the confidence they need to begin their intergenerational friendships. Brighton College is very proud to be an official supporter of Time To Talk Befriending.>>