Community Church

Every month we have the privilege of running an inter-denominational Church service at a Brighton and Hove Council Seniors Housing Scheme called Muriel House in Hove. The service is run in partnership with Ian and Christine McLean who are members of the Brighton Vineyard Church. The service was developed after the scheme manager at Muriel House identified that residents were unable to get out to Church as a result of ill-health or limited mobility. Thanks to our positive working relationship with the scheme manager and Brighton and Hove Council Seniors Housing, this collaboration was formed. The service has been running since 2015. Anyone who is part of the Time to Talk Befriending services is welcome. The door is also open to the local community. The venue is Muriel House, Ingram Crescent West, Hove, BN3 5NS. The format of our monthly community church service is as follows:

  • 2.45pm tea, cake and befriending.
  • 3.10pm service opens with prayer (usually led by a member of the congregation).
  • 3.15pm worship
  • 3.25pm short sermon
  • 3.35pm Holy Communion
  • 3.50pm worship
  • 3.55 Prayer as requested by
  • 4.00 close in prayer

For confirmation of the dates for 2019 and 2020 please don’t hesitate to contact our in house Anna Chaplin Julie Williams on 01273 737710 or email