In Memory Of

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‘The following Time to Talk Befriending’ scheme members sadly passed away between January 2017 and June 2018:

Joyce Baffin, Edward Bishop, Muriel Booth, Gerald Budden, Joyce Clark, Harold Corbin, Elsie Ellen Curtis, Dennis Diplock, Daphne Flint, Eileen Golson, David Gordon-Smith, Doris Hearn, Gillian Hewitt, Connie Holmes, Michael Hotston, Denise Howick, Cecil Leighton, Dorothea Lenoudias, Violet Marchant, Don McIntyre, June O’Neill, Pauline Parker, Alec Phillips, Ada Power, Peter Reed, Elieen (Joyce) Rockwood Emily Sharp, Peggy Thomas, Yvonne Upton, Patricia (Trish) Usher, Diana Warneford.

Joyce Rockwood

Joyce was, and will always be a wonderful lady. From the moment I met her I knew we would be friends forever. She was a lady of simple pleasures and all she wanted was my company- and about 15 cup of tea made! We would sit and talk for hours about everything and anything. I visited her every Sunday Morning and we would sit listening to Smooth radio, drinking tea and eating biscuits. I would sometimes visit a bit later in the day so I could deliver her favourite lunch- KFC!!

We would often talk about her family. He Daughter, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. I will always remember when I asked how she met her Husband, ‘Rocky’. She told me that he was a Canadian Solider who was based in Haywards Heath during the war. She had met him at the Ice Rink in Brighton and would meet him there every weekend. I walked home that day smiling more than usual. I don’t know where I thought she would have met her husband, but sitting talking to a 94 year old, the last place I thought it would have been was ice skating! She always surprised me.

Oh and how she would make me laugh! She would ‘moan’ about the neighbors campervan being parked outside every time I went round, and then we would laugh about it when we both decided that it didn’t really matter! Sadly she had a fall about a year ago and after months in hospital, she went into a nursing home. Despite her missing her own home she remained positive and upbeat. She would joke about how she didn’t like siting with the ‘old people’ at dinner time! That was why we had such a connection. Even at 97 she felt youthful and I don’t think I have ever met someone quite so on the ball. She would often remind me of what I had done the week before and I would reply ‘oh it was lovely thank you’ even though I couldn’t quite remember what I had done before she told me!

After a few months of meeting Joyce I found out I was pregnant. I still saw Joyce every Sunday and when my little boy was born it only took 48 hours for them to be introduced. I knew how excited she would be and I couldn’t wait to see her. It made my heart melt when she held him for the first time and from that point she always called him ‘her Georgie’. I took Georgie to visit every week. She saw him grow and he actually had his first steps in her front room. A priceless moment. As George got older I used to asked Joyce if she minded me coming along with him. I was mindful that having a baby in the house might have been too much for her, but she was only ever disappointed if I turned up without him. I will always remember the day when George wiped a peanut butter sandwich across her television screen. I was so embarrassed and fiercely apologetic as I frantically reached for the wet wipes! When we left I apologised again and tided up as much as possible. I will never forget what she said; ‘don’t worry about it dear, I really don’t mind. If I’m honest I quite like the mess, it reminds me that you were both here’.

That summed it all up for me. Joyce didn’t mind the noise, the mess, the general chaos, she was just so happy that we had been to see her.

Joyce could never quite get her head round why someone like me would give up their time to come and see her- and for free! I bet she still thinks there was a catch! But Joyce, there was no catch, I came to see you for you. You will always be in my heart and i was so lucky to have met you. Rest in peace and love to Rocky. I bet you found him in a pub when you got up there!

Anna (Befriender)

Muriel Booth

Passed away in September 2017
Eulogy for Muriel presented by Emily Kenward.

Harold Corbin

Passed away in May 2017

Emily Sharp

Passed away in April 2017 (written by Georgina, Emily’s volunteer befriender)

‘From the moment I met Emily, I felt like there was a side to her which I was going to connect with… and that feeling was right. We would have a giggle together and she would make cheeky comments which really added to her already loveable character. I loved hearing her talk about her days as a manager at a department store and her long walks on the downs (and back home!) over a cuppa. She didn’t like fuss, loved her Baileys, and no matter how hard I tried to convince her, she wouldn’t eat her veg. All these attributes resulted in a quirky, inspiring lady… and I’m so glad I got to spend that time with her.’


Passed away in January 2017 (written by Sally, Daphne’s volunteer befriender)

“I will remember Daphne for her dignified and refined manner always with a warm welcoming smile, in spite of the few words spoken. She wasn’t one to talk about her life, but I know that she had a lot in common in her later years with the lady who sat next to her – Margaret – who tells me of their times together in the Mother’ s Union and at St.Matthias church.

I know it was a great comfort to Margaret to have Daphne at her side in companionable silence in the day room at St. Mary’s care home. My last memory of Daphne is tucking into my mince pies with such relish on Christmas Eve – visiting St. Mary’s without my two ladies sitting side by side will not be the same.”

George Millington

Passed away in the winter 2016

“It was a genuine pleasure to meet George because he had such a rich history he was able to share about his time as a volunteer and Chairman for the Samaritans in London. His career in this field spanned many decades and as a result George helped many people who were broken hearted and in need of support and encouragement to help them at a time of crisis in their lives.

George and Martin our TTTB volunteer hit it off from the offset. The TTTB team also had the great pleasure of meeting and learning from George’s experiences.

Like all of our amazing scheme members, George will be fondly remembered forever.”

Molly Grace

Passed away in the autumn 2016

“Molly’s talent for writing poetry and singing songs was well known among the sheltered housing community in which she lived. Everyone who knew Molly Grace spoke of her with a warm smile and with genuine affection because she was a lovely lady indeed.

During our weekly Tea and Company event the Charity Mind and St Mary’s Church were able to capture Molly Grace singing and sharing details about her life so more information please click on the following link:”


Passed away in November 2015

“I first met Annie when we became neighbours many years ago. We initially met because we had the same issues regarding a very noisy neighbour however we soon realised we had the same daft sense of humour so our friendship naturally developed from there.

Annie had to face many difficulties throughout her life but even through the challenges she remained high in spirit. She was a wonderful lady with a big heart. Her memory will always be with me and in fact she is one of the people who motivated me to found the Time to Talk Befriending service.
May you rest in peace Annie. Thank you for your love and laughter! You were a dear friend who will be remembered always.”

Emily – Founder and Scheme Manager of Time to Talk Befriending


Passed away in November 2015

As soon as Norma was introduced to our service it was evident she would be a brilliant scheme member! It was really heart-warming to see how well she got on with her volunteer befriender Steve – they would chat freely about their experiences of being in the armed forces or the navy and had a mutual love for football! I am delighted we were able to meet Norma at such a late stage in her life as she has left a lasting impression. Norma would always bring a smile to our faces so will be dearly missed.

Rest in peace Norma.


Passed away in January 2015

“During our visits Kitty used to tell us about all the places she had visited during her life…She always told us about her stories and adventures with so much excitement and enthusiasm…One of the really touching things she did was her encouragement to make the most of our lives, enjoying them while we are young and really making the most of our time in school”.

Marina and Chrisy (Brighton College Students, 2014)

Alec and Lorna Bird

Passed away in November 2012 and May 2014

“Two of the most special and unique people we have ever met. We give thanks for the brilliant and fun memories they gave us over the years – something that we will always carry in our hearts. An inspiration to us both!”

Julie Williams and Emily Kenward (Daughter and Grandaughter)