Why Befriending

TTTB- Why befriending

Befriending is important because:

Our scheme members say:

“I am not sure how much longer I could have gone on without having someone to talk to”.

“I thought that was it for me – I wouldn’t be able to make new friends at my age. That was it – my lot. I am so glad that I don’t have to be alone anymore”.

“It has been lovely to meet my volunteer through the Time to Talk Befriending scheme because she makes me feel inspired to learn new things and share different views, thoughts and opinions about current affairs, interests and life in general. I am housebound and unable to get out to socialise so it is a really good feeling to know that there are people out there who would like to spend time with me.”

“I cannot thank you enough for your support and kindness. You have restored my faith that there are lovely genuine people around”.

Our Volunteers Say:

“Befriending is a extremely rewarding experience which is full of positives”.

“I just absolutely love meeting the lady I befriend every week. She improves my day if anything else and it is such a pleasure being able to spend time with her”.

“I have found the match you made spot on and really rewarding, I get so much out of it myself – it doesn’t feel remotely like ‘duty’. It feels like a lifelong commitment – it is like a friendship not just a ‘befriendship’ – I could never imagine myself stopping seeing my befriendee”.

“ I visit a really lovely lady. It is such a good match!”.

Impact Reports

Case study Charlotte. ‘Living Life as a Women’. February 2017

Case study Pat. ‘Reduction of 999 calls’. February 2017

2016 Annual Impact Report-TTTB

Muriel House Community Outreach April & May 2016


How Time to Talk Befriending helps to save money and improve lives through our befriending, signposting and community outreach work.


How Time to Talk Befriending helps to save money and improve lives through our work with Sussex Police.


‘Honouring Older People Event & Outreach’, Ingram Crescent, Hove (April & May 2016)

Police and Church Partnership Working

Older People’s Community Befrienders

Referral Guide

Time to Talk Befriending recently contributed towards a national research project in conjunction with the Campaign to End Loneliness. The aim of the pilot was to measure the impact of loneliness in later life. Please check out the following link for further details.


In addition Time to Talk Befriending participated in a workshop called “Understanding Loneliness: the Future for Befriending” in conjunction with the Campaign to End Loneliness. Check out the following link for further information.


Time to Talk Befriending is always looking for a good opportunity to undertake research relating to befriending or inter-agency collaboration so if you have an idea you would like to discuss or an opportunity you would like to share please contact Emily Kenward (formerly Sinclair) founder and scheme manger today on 01273 737710 or email emily.kenward@tttb.org.uk

The FED for Independent Living, (January 2015), “Out and About Pilot Evaluation”.

“The Out and About project has changed lives! That’s a mighty big statement from a small project, but it’s true. Just take a look at the inspirational short stories in this guide to see the difference a little thought and helpfulness can make to the lives of older, lonely people”.

Please find attached the evidence relating to the informal research study undertaken by the founding partners in 2012. The results have formed the basis of the Time to Talk Befriending Service.

Evidence confirms that:

  • Older people are particularly vulnerable to isolation at a time of life which is often characterised by loss (Cattan et al., 2005).
  • Changes in modern society can exacerbate social isolation for older people, i.e. increasingly dispersed family networks and a greater reliance of the private sphere with advances in technology, most notably the capability to make social connections through the internet (Buonfino and Hilder, 2006).
  • Loneliness is proven to cause early loss of life (Campaign to End Loneliness, 2015).
  • Loneliness has a significant impact on an individual’s physical, emotional and mental well-being (Campaign to End Loneliness, 2015).
  • Census statistics show that the over 65s comprise 13% of the city’s population of Brighton and Hove equating to 35,692 people of which 11,556 are aged 80+. Most notably, 14,468 (41%) of over 65s are living in single person households (BHCC, 2013) which is a higher proportion than for the population of England and Wales as a whole (31%) (ONS, 2013).
  • Owing to the aging nature of the population the 65+ age group is predicted to increase to 39,982 in Brighton and Hove by 2021.
  • Since care homes are increasingly becoming a means of last resort for those with high support needs (Lievesley et al., 2011), the proportion of those living alone in the community is likely to increase.

Despite the increase in need, and despite the reported benefits and value placed on that ‘bit of help’, funding cuts have led to a situation in which home care services are reaching fewer homes with a focus on those with substantial or critical needs (Clark et al., 1998, Raynes et al., 2006, Age UK, 2014)

By giving an hour of your time every week or fortnight you really could make a positive difference in someone’s life. If you would like to help us tackle loneliness and reduce isolation across the City of Brighton and Hove please contact Emily Kenward scheme coordinator on 01273 737710 or email emily.kenward@timetotalkbefriending.org.uk for further information.

What Professionals have said about our service:

TTTB- Action for Blind peopleEmma Chaplin, Eye Clinic Liaison Officer.

“Thank you for the update on your work with Ms S. I am very impressed with how thorough your assessment has been – and although she cannot benefit directly from the befriending service, you have provided her with info and support in her local community. It is always good to get feedback from referrals made and feel assured that patients have been followed up and well supported”.

For more information about the agencies, Charities and authorities that support the work of Time to Talk Befriending please click on the following link www.timetotalkbefriending.org.uk/supporters

“I really appreciate your involvement, support, and professional kindness which I really saw at work today. Mr X wanted me to tell you that he was grateful to meet you”. Katalin Kaan, Social Worker, Brighton and Hove City Council

“I’m hearing some really good responses about befriending….thank you for your involvement and interest…such a good opportunity of us all working together to really get this community involved, especially the most isolated”. Peter Huntbach, Older Peoples Housing Manager, Brighton and Hove City Council

For more information about the agencies, Charities and authorities that support the work of Time to Talk Befriending please click on the following link http://www.timetotalkbefriending.org.uk/supporters