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Time to Talk Befriending is a local charity rooted in the Sussex communities it serves. We offer a personalised model of intergenerational befriending, community outreach and seasonal campaigning, signposting and group befriending across Brighton and Hove, Worthing and neighbouring fringes.

We work with older people aged 65+ who experience feelings of chronic loneliness caused by social isolation. The foundation of the Charity is built on Christian values. We are motivated by our belief that older people should be honoured and respected. We continue to work collaboratively with individuals and organisations from different backgrounds, faiths and beliefs to tackle the serious issue of loneliness head on.

Our local communities in Brighton and Hove, Worthing and neighbouring fringes are filled with individuals from different walks of life, all with interesting and unique skills, interests and backgrounds, yet so many can feel anonymous, lonely and forgotten. With the rise of technology, housing pressures and transient neighbourhoods i.e. where students come and go, older people in particular can feel excluded and left-behind. But it’s not just our elders who are impacted by the rise in digitalisation and social media. Loneliness can and does impact people of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, research suggests that the younger generation (16-24 year olds) are also one of the loneliest groups of our time. It is therefore, for this reason that building intergenerational connections is a core aim of Time to Talk Befriending.

As a Charity we have witnessed first-hand how much people can gain from engaging and connecting with each other through befriending. The platform of the charity therefore continues to help foster a sense of belonging for people aged 65+ who would otherwise be isolated and alone, and we achieve this by matching them with a volunteer befriender for companionship. The majority of our volunteers are aged between 18-50 years but we welcome individuals of any age to join the volunteer team including; new mums and their children, retirees and volunteers and their dogs. In addition, we have developed a model for providing training and volunteer opportunities for young people which is proven to be extremely rewarding. Befriending an older person truly is a mutually rewarding experience so if you can offer an hour of your time, once a week or once a fortnight then we would love to hear from you! We also run intergenerational group befriending and seasonal campaigns where volunteers are always welcome (especially at Christmas if you can spare the time!).



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