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Time To Talk Befriending is a charity offering intergenerational befriending services, community outreach and seasonal campaigns across Brighton, Hove and Worthing.

A charity based on Christian values who's motivation is to honour, respect and connect those from all walks of life who may suffer from isolation, loneliness and lack of social interaction.

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Donations make a huge difference enabling the continued support of sustainable loneliness solutions within the wider community. For as little as £2.50 meaningful engagement can be undertaken connecting those most in need.
Visit the donation page to see how your kind and generous donation counts towards increasing friendship and tackling loneliness. 


Evidence shows that volunteers are just as likely to positively benefit from befriending as those they connect with. Committing a small amount of your time to enhance the well being of others is rewarding for all involved and forms an important part of tackling loneliness.

Find out how you can volunteer and become part of this critical and beneficial ridership movement.