Leaving a legacy will enable us to provide many more opportunities for life-changing friendships and connections.

Leaving a gift in your will could be one of the most impactful gifts you could ever make.

Why? Because at Time to Talk Befriending we meet amazing people in their later years every day who are experiencing a significant decline in health and wellbeing because they are chronically lonely. These are amazing people who have a rich life history to share, but quite often no one to share it with because they have outlived their family and friends.

We envisage a society where older people are respected, valued, and appreciated. However, our charity exists because hundreds of older people living in our local community feel “invisible”, “forgotten” and “alone”. But with your help we can continue to reach, connect, and positively engage with older people who are otherwise hidden behind the four walls of their homes. Helping hundreds of people to “feel like I want to live again”, “have purpose”, and “a reason to get up in the morning” through our range of befriending services.

To hear more about how our work positively impacts the lives of older people and volunteers please watch our videos or read our latest newsletters.

By leaving a legacy, you really are helping to overcome loneliness which is considered by many as the “the epidemic of our time”.

Thank you, sincerely.

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