During the pandemic our work supporting older people experiencing loneliness increased dramatically.

We work hard to ensure that people are helped quickly and efficiently whilst still maintaining a professional standard. We really value the support our 500+ volunteers who are integral to our service.

With your help we can continue to support life-changing befriending matches which are proven to help people feel “like I want to live again” and like they “have purpose”, whilst also reaching, connecting and engaging with many more older people within the communities in which we serve.

The cost to support each older person is £400.

This is based on the 531 befriending matches we were supporting at the end of December 2020. It covers the point of referral through to matching with a befriender, reviewing, providing support to access additional services, helping to manage issues/crisis/safeguarding as required and helping people to access our additional services.

For volunteers helping them to learn from each other, share stories, discuss areas of need for support, and provide opportunities for connection..

Without which we couldn’t match volunteers with a potentially vulnerable older person.

Newsletters provide helpful information, stories, activities, and updates - proven to create a sense of belonging for our members. Most of whom don’t have any existing family or friends. All sent large letter via Royal Mail.

Our cards are often the only cards our memberswill receive on their special day. We send out on average 70 per month including to our volunteers so that they also know they are valued and appreciated.

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Contributions for the following amounts will help us to create a sense of belonging for our scheme members through:

Birthday cards

Newsletters and activity packs

Telephone groups

Chaplaincy calls and resources

Comforting befriending phone calls

A brilliant new befriending match!