Ageing Well Brighton and Hove

Time to Talk Befriending is proud to be a sub-contractor for the Brighton and Hove Public Health ‘Ageing Well’ Commission led by Sussex based charity Impact Initiatives.

Ageing Well provides a single point of contact for anyone aged 50+ looking for information about activities, groups, transport, and services available across the City. You can also read the 2019/2020 annual report here.

Ageing Well FESTIVAL

During the 2022 Ageing Well Festival (19 September – 3rd October) we are inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to take part in a survey.

We are keen to know what people think about age and ageing? Answering questions such as ‘how old is old’ and ‘what would you say to your younger or older self’, the findings will help inform an ongoing project we are running called ‘The Ageing Journey’ in partnership with  the Centre for Social Work Innovation and Research at the University of Sussexand Engaging with Ageing.

To find out how you can get involved please download the following PDF:

Every year we run events during the Brighton and Hove Ageing Well Festival. In 2021 our events included:

Time to Draw and Connect

The launch of the Ageing Journey project

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