Something special happens when you bring different generations together!

We are proud to have successfully collaborated with many schools and colleges over the years but our most recent partnerships include:

Brighton College and Time to Talk Befriending Life Stories Project:

Using the Bridging Ages model students were trained and equipped to become journalists in 2019-2021. They were matched with a Time to Talk Befriending scheme member throughout the academic year. Scheme members were encouraged to share stories about their lives which we then published. Examples of the Life Stories can be found here, click to view:
Anni, Derek, Vera and Tony.

Brighton College Befriending:

Providing opportunities for over 500 sixth form students over the past 3 years to positively connect and engage with older people. Training, support, and placements are provided by Time to Talk Befriending enabling generations who might not meet otherwise to come together. The outcome of these befriending connections, whether its paired visiting, telephone befriending, or in a group setting, prove to be ‘valuable’, ‘life-changing’ and helps older people to ‘feel young again’.

Great Oaks and Little Acorns:

Thanks to a very successful collaboration with Bee in the Woods Forest School pre-pandemic, we were providing amazing opportunities for our older members ‘Great Oaks’ and pre-schoolers ‘Little Acorn’s’ and their parents and carers, to connect together for fun, activities, and refreshments in the great outdoors. We hope that our Great Oaks and Little Acorns project will continue in the future. Watch this space!

Hove Park School

Whether it’s running a festive event on Christmas Day, hampers, attendance at school events, or responding to the pandemic by providing food donations and ‘thinking of you’ cards, our partnership with Hove Park School continues to be one we value here at Time to Talk Befriending.

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