‘Thinking of You at Christmas’ and ‘Holidays at Home’:

Silverline report a big increase in loneliness calls to their helpline at Christmas and during July and August (when many working professionals and families are away).

Our seasonal activities aim to fill this gap.

For example, 280 older people were provided with a befriending visit and Christmas meal on Christmas day or supported (with transport to attend a special Christmas event).

Our first ‘Holiday at Home’ trialled in 2019 was an invitation to our members who no longer go on holiday due to being alone, living on a tight budget or due to health or mobility issues. In August 2019, 77 older people came to our first ‘cruise ship’ holiday, with 22 volunteers as crew helping to create a holiday experience from the décor, through to refreshments, photo booths and activities. Much fun had by all!

Thinking of you at Christmas

For many Christmas can be a lonely and emotive time of the year which is why we have actively undertaken outreach on and around Christmas Day since the foundation of the Charity. From homemade Christmas dinners delivered by befrienders who offer companionship, through to collaborative Christmas day events, hampers and letter box mail outs, our Christmas outreach has proven to make a difference in the lives of those who are on their own.

“She was like a ray of sunshine on a very dark cloudy day. I haven’t eaten a proper homecooked roast dinner in years. My goodness, thank you”.

V - 87 YEARS

“Receiving the package on my doorstep brought me to tears. I haven’t received a single card this year because I have outlived everyone I knew! I can’t tell you what it means to be thought about in this way”.

M - 89 YEARS


89% of our scheme members report long term health conditions at the point of referral and the remainder report at least one physical or mental health condition. So, for many going on holiday is a thing of the past! So building on the great work of Churches for many years, we provide a seasonal holiday at home outreach activity! From going on a pretend cruise through to receiving a seaside package in the post, it is heart warming to know that with a little effort you can make a BIG difference in people’s lives.

“The last time I went on holiday was 1998. What a difference today has made”. “Thank you so much for another lovely surprise .... it arrived at a time when I was feeling really low and the imaginative contents of your ‘Seaside’ parcel rapidly raised my spirits”.

S - 82 YEARS

“What a lovely surprise. It brought back so many happy memories of my holidays. I grew up living near the Pier, so the picture has very special memories for me."

Platinum Jubilee Outreach 2022

We held a series of group befriending events in various locations for our older members and many got to meet Queen Elizabeth! Well her cardboard cut out anyway!

“I know she isn’t real but it still felt special to meet her!”.
M - 91 YEARS

“I’m so glad we got to celebrate the Queen’s life and achievements together. She is an inspiration!”
B, 87 years.

A special booklet and accompanying goodies were sent by post to our members in preparation for the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations which was well received.

““I wanted to just tell you how lovely it was to receive that really niceJubilee themed booklet and that package that came with it. It was lovely and itcheered me up no end. Thank you so much.”
E, 84 years.

“I’ve just got your package and I wanted to thank you so much for it. It’s so kind of you, that lovely picture you sent of the Queen. In fact, I do artwork and I’m going to put it on a canvas this afternoon. And thank you for the coins, and the pen and the flag, do you know it means so much to me. I was feeling quite down today, but that has really, really cheered me up. I really appreciate all you dear people do. Thank you.”
M - 76 YEARS

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