It is heart-breaking to hear older people say that they have no value and purpose anymore – something we hear almost every day at the Charity.

These are amazing people with a rich life history to share, yet for most they have no one with whom to share their wisdom and life story. Our aim as we move beyond the pandemic is to therefore provide opportunities for our members to feel valued; that they have a purpose and something meaningful to contribute to society.  One of the ways in which we intend to achieve this is through ‘The Ageing Journey’ Project.

The project has two principle guiding aims:

1) To change perceptions and the negative discourse about ageing;

2) To prepare people positively for ageing across the life-course (including for end of life) to prevent loneliness as we grow older.

By sharing their life wisdom and thus equipping future generations as they age, our older members will feel honoured and respected rather than forgotten and invisible within society.

The project seeks to challenge the existing dominant discourse about ageing, leading to lasting change in people’s perceptions. Using older person-led evidence we will develop training (including using our members as peer-trainers) to inform learning for all age groups and provide meaningful opportunities for inter-generational two-way co-production and training.  

Our aim is to use this campaign to be a major catalyst for change and to develop a meaningful dissemination plan which can be shared widely among our extensive national networks, thus having an impact far beyond our immediate locality.

Current partners include University of Sussex Centre for Social Work Innovation and Research and  Engaging With Ageing.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project or would like to be involved please contact us via to express an interest.

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