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Our work would not be possible without the amazing support of Grants, Trusts and Foundations.

If you are a grant maker, we would be very grateful if you would consider making a financial contribution towards our important work. Your donation will be integral to the sustainability and growth of the Charity, enabling us to continue to positively impact the lives of older people in our community.

Please find below a brief overview of our work for your consideration. Please also check out the various pages on our website for further details, including the videos section to hear from our volunteers and scheme members themselves.

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“I'm not alone. It helps to tell someone interested how I feel. It eases the tension that builds up within me."

Scheme member

About Time to Talk Befriending

Founded in 2013, Time to Talk Befriending (TTTB) is an excellence-accredited befriending charity working on the frontline in Brighton, Hove, Worthing and Adur in Sussex.

We approach befriending in a fresh way, mobilising an intergenerational community response which directly addresses the needs of older people who are feeling chronically lonely and isolated. Motivated by our belief that older people should be respected and a be a part of our communities, our purpose is to help our older neighbours overcome their isolation and increase their self-esteem and confidence by connecting them with peers, our volunteers and specialist local organisations.

The need we are addressing

The detrimental effects of loneliness on health are well documented.
Lonely people are more likely to suffer from a range of issues including dementia, heart disease and depression. Older people living alone have poorer health than those living with others, as well as more intensive health care needs.

  • 27,000 people aged 65+ are living alone across Brighton, Hove, Adur and Worthing (2021 census).
  • Of the 21 Ward in Brighton,15 are at very high risk of loneliness (Age UK Heat Map).
  • Of the 13 Wards in Worthing, 7 are at very high risk of loneliness (Age UK Heat Map).


Most older people when they are first referred to our service by multi-disciplinary professionals have had limited access to support services.

They are experiencing extreme loneliness and are isolated because they have inadequate social networks. Their circumstances are compounded by socio-economic factors, such as income and on-line connectivity, which intensify the health inequalities they experience.

  • 89% live alone with an average age of 82.
  • 49% have multiple long term health conditions at point of referral.
  • 12% live with early-stage dementia at home.
  • Approximately a third are virtually housebound.
  • Minimal local family or friendship networks are in place.
  • About a third live on very tight week to week budgets.


We support at least 430 older people and 350 volunteers at any one time.
Every year we make at least an additional 180 new befriending matches, assessing each older person and recruiting each volunteer individually.

We can evidence our achievements through satisfaction data and feedback obtained from our older members and volunteers through regular reviews undertaken by our trained volunteer reviewers (mostly made up of retired social workers).  

89% of our scheme members tell us that befriending has had a positive/very positive impact on their lives. Feedback demonstrates how connecting with TTTB has improved their confidence, self-esteem and resilience, actively contributing towards overcoming their worry, anxiety and social isolation through tailored befriending and group activities:

“I didn’t realise how low I’d become. Suddenly all the things I needed (but didn’t know I needed!) are in place and I feel able to enjoy the day...I have purpose again.”

Scheme member

“Meeting M on the minibus to Tea Time Talk has been a Godsend. We both lost our husbands to Covid19. We both have no family. We are now a support to each other. But we would never have met otherwise.”

Scheme member

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Your donations and support helps to change lives and overcome loneliness.

Could you support us financially? In doing so you will enable us to positively connect with older people who feel ‘invisible’, ‘forgotten’, and ‘alone’.

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We need the generous support of our community, both big and small to improve the lives of society's most lonely, isolated and vulnerable older people.