Anne's Story

Written by

Emily Kenward, proud Friend and Anna Chaplain to Anne

As a befriender and Anna Chaplain to Anne, I had the genuine privilege of journeying alongside her in her later years. She truly was an inspiration to me. Despite the magnitude of her health conditions, Anne fought to move through the horrific things of  her past and in her final years began to experience freedom.

Anyone who really knew Anne will undoubtedly agree that she  was kind, loving and courageous. It was incredible to witness  Anne move from a place of feeling worthless and unworthy of existence, to finally feeling accepted and that she did have value and worth after all...

Anne turned 70 just a few days before she died but it was an honour to witness what she described as “the first time I felt able to accept love and kindness from others”. Anne was moved to  tears by the kind words spoken to her, the cards she received,  and the gifts which were given with love.

My final memory of Anne is sitting in the sunshine outside her home sharing laughter, presents and prayer. Although the  22nd April 2021 was a sad day because Anne left this world, I am comforted by the knowledge that she is now united with Jesus who she had come to know and love in her later years.

“Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything” C.S. Lewis; A Grief Observed.

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