What Happens Now?!

Written by

Emily Kenward, Founder & CEO

'What Happens Now' is a new peer-led resource developed with some of the regular members of our telephone group ‘conversations with friends’. We are thankful to those who contributed and we hope that our scheme members’ experiences will be helpful as we all begin to think about becoming socially active again.

Entries include:

"I am nervous, but I really want to make memories with my grandchildren, so we went  out for a picnic. It was outdoors so I felt safe. The park was large enough that we could spread out and be far away enough from  other groups. The children had space to play, and there was a lot of distance between  us. I don’t have any holidays planned but we have a few more days out planned for over  the summer. (Linda).

"I’m sensible so I’m not scared. As soon as I could eat out, I did. I sat outside at the Marina, and had a meal. It’s nice to watch people walking by on the seafront. Last week I took a bus to Worthing with a friend for fish and chips. I hadn’t been on the bus for a while so I didn’t know what to expect. There was a window open so that was reassuring. (Penelope).

What do you find is helping you as you take steps to reconnect as we ease out of lockdown? Has someone been a particular encouragement to you, or have you had the opportunity to encourage someone else? We'd love to hear your thoughts! info@tttb.org.uk / 01273 737710.

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